I am Chinnaswamy T a 24 year old from Chennai working in a renowned MNC in Bengaluru. I am the only earning member of my family. My family consists of my father and mother and also my sister who is still studying. My father lost his job a couple of years ago due to Myasthenia Gravis a neurological problem. Hence everyone is dependent on me. I have joined this company couple of years ago just fresh out of college.

Now before I joined the corp world I had a lot of expectations and excitement specially in an MNC of the stature I am working for. However within 2 years of joining the office I have lost all my energy and excitement it seems and am just working because I have to. Job change is an option of course but I can well understand that it is going to be the same story everyhere I go. In a corp. atmosphere there are 2 kinds of people working or categories – one’s the labor community or the front line or the productions or the operations guys and the second is the managerial level or support team. The first category actually are the people who generate revenue and the second category are the people who reap the benefits in the form of their monthly income.

I am still new and have a lot to learn. I had a girlfriend but we broke up because she expected more from life or me. She chose the former because I was not good enough to provide her the best of life. Obviously you may have a different view about life and I still do. Hence I opened my account in Registration was free and the profiles seemed to be reliable. I got the contact of one Reeta Ganguly a Bong girl from Kolkata. Her family lives in Chennai now and she works there. Hence after exchange of interests I met her family and vice-versa. We are set to marry each other in a couple of years. Now this was only made possible by #Really #Wanna #Marry. They are really the coolest matrimony site and the have a very efficient Android App. I do recommend them to everyone.

Background: Life is all about choices we make. There are hundreds of matrimony sites operating in India. It is indeed a daunting task to choose the one best matrimonial site in India. It is important to create a Niche for yourself. There are matrimony sites for almost every ethnic, linguistic and religious group of the country. Then there are matrimony sites like divorcee matrimony sites and widow matrimony sites. There is something for everyone here. The question arises how do u choose the one which is all right for you? In this write-up, we will try to find an answer to this question. So, let’s get started on it.

Ethnicity & Religion: We do still give a lot of importance to religion and ethnicity in India even in urban regions of India. If you want to marry within your community you should choose sites of your community. There are Marathi matrimonial sites, Odisha matrimony, free matrimony sites in Karnataka, free matrimony Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh matrimony, etc. There are also Muslim matrimonial sites and so on. You can choose whichever suits your requirement.

It is all about the Reputation: Reputation matters for making our choices. Make sure the website you choose enjoys a good reputation. You can choose a site which is in the running for long. You can ask your family and friends about it especially those who have used its services and can give a fair opinion for its repute.

The Privacy Policy: You will upload your picture on the website so it’s a good idea to check its privacy policy regarding the use of pictures. You will also share your private and sensitive information. You don’t want it to fall into wrong hands. So, trust only that websites which give you complete security of your pictures and other information.

Quality - Great Reviews: Almost all sites have a feedback section where members post reviews about the services of the site. There you can find valuable information about the site. Most members had posted reviews based on their own experiences. You can get to know all the good and bad aspects of the website from there and get a fair idea about the working of this website.

Simplicity and User-friendliness: We can say that the site you choose should be user friendly. It should be easy to use, have a simple layout, interface and most importantly it should be free. We are not saying that a paid site is not good but you need to be careful about them. They can be a scam and you do not want to lose money in the name of finding a partner.

To Conclude: Lastly it is important to select a good website for matchmaking. It should be able to give you a variety of proposals in a simple and easy to understand way. We hope this will help you choose the best site for your matchmaking endeavors.

I was at the city airport waiting for her. By the way I am Ali and I was waiting for Rizwana. I met her on a matrimony site. She belonged to a different city. But after 1 week of chatting she informed me that she is coming to town on her short term job assignment and she will be here for a month. I was really enthusiastic to meet her. She seemed like a really nice girl. But when I met her first at the airport it was love at first landing for sure.

I asked her to stay with us to which she obviously denied. She said she will stay in her company provided accommodation which was a service apartment. I went to receive her and take her there since it was her first trip here. The next weekend she was supposed to come for lunch and meet my mom. By the way I lost my dad when I was only 5 and my mom worked really hard to bring me up. When I landed my first job I asked my mother to leave hers immediately. She did after a lot of reasoning of course.

It has been 1 year since then. We are planning to marry next year which is only 3 months to go. Rizwana’s parents did visit us couple of months back after I and my mom visited her place a few months ago. We are all set but we have a lot to prepare for. It is a marriage at hands after all.

We all agree marriage is indeed a bond of trust, love and affection. Marriage is an institution as they say. The days are history when the traditional ways were followed to select the life-partner. We are moving ahead with the technology, everything has acquired certain changes even matrimony. The case of marriage is technologized.

As an online matrimonial site Really wanna marry has been made with a lone objective - to furnish individuals with the possibility of a hassle-free search for a perfect ideal accomplice for their life. Really wanna marry is a huge division of an extended total association as a best matrimonial site in Kolkata, Andhra Pradesh matrimony, and growing all over India. We are here to locate and provide the best matches for you as one of the best matrimonial site in India and matchmaking with our genuine and difficult work.

An important advantage of online marriage sites in India is that matches can occur over rapidly. If you want to get married early or in a few months then our online marriage destinations in India are the best decisions for you. Here in case one shows eagerness for a profile, one can have a second response to it. Unlike other methods like newspaper wedding advertisements, where one needs to call, then meet and a short time later pick.

Our free registration matrimony sites in Odisha and matrimonial websites Bangalore and other dating websites under our banner in like manner join the decision of a live video visit. With an office like a live video visit, you can get familiar with the other individual in a prevalent manner, without encountering to go to the trouble of truly meeting him/her in the current situation from the safety of your home.

Online Matrimonial Services can bring to you the best choice, as you anticipate that it should be. Being the best matrimonial site in India, we run down all the prerequisites from you and run down a chase with those focal points. You can similarly find matches using subclasses like religion, station, pay group, calling, etc. You essentially need to allude to the fundamental models and all the open profiles will be there for you inside no time.

Being the best matrimonial site in India can be benefitted from cost. There is a course of action of paid profiles where one can get a perfect result anyway the free profiles are furthermore uncommonly obliging. Benefitting our online marriage sites in India and best matrimonial site in Mumbai costs extraordinarily less interestingly with the notification charges in papers, whether or not one picks a paid Online Matrimonial record. Taking everything together, Online Matrimonial Services is the most supportive way to find a sensible match.

You can select for Free and search according to your specific measures on age, height, arrange, calling, pay, and territory and impressively more-on your PC, or tablet. Standard custom sends and admonitions make the system more straightforward and take you closer to your life partner! We also have divorce matrimonial sites, widow matrimony Bangalore, and widow matrimony in Karnataka. It might be possible that either it was destiny or a wrong decision while choosing the partner for the first time. It’s neither late nor unethical to give yourself a second chance to love and to live.

I am Ratin Biswas. Last year when my dad was hospitalized, little did I know a new chapter in my life will be inflicted in the hospital. My dad has chronic diabetic problem. Anyway after admitting him I was waiting in the lobby in a city hospital where I was to stay the night.

I met an elderly lady, Sangita Sen, there whose husband was also admitted. After getting introduced we became friends quickly. She told me about this new online matrimony website and how she got her daughter’s (Avishikta) profile registered there who lived in Russia. She is a doctor. Then suddenly the lady was interested in me and my occupation. I told her I am a Police officer and she was amused to know that I was posted in her locality. We almost spoke the whole night and I was surprised when she asked me to meet her daughter the next morning when I was departing.

We met finally next winter when Avishikta came to India. Trust me I fell instantly for her. Her eyes reciprocated the feelings. Anyways the good news is that it is summer again and we are getting married in the autumn. I am a lucky guy I guess.

Every life should have a life partner. But it is important that your life partner much be compatible, adjustable and most importantly loving. Otherwise you will wish you were never married and eventually not-married/divorced or in some extreme and unfortunate cases widowed will be the final status.

Choosing a partner to spend your life is no more a difficult task. Reallywannamarry as the best matrimonial site in India has made it easier for you. Marriage is irreversible and you can't make a neglectful methodology towards union with apologizing for a mind-blowing remainder. Remember that your life accomplice is your everlasting companion who will be with you at each here and there, triumphs and disappointments, and delights and agonies to help you.

The more likeminded life accomplice is, the more joyful life will undoubtedly be. Be that as it may, nowadays, individuals are tired of the conventional method of match finding. Some are even incapable to get the ideal life accomplice for them. For single individuals, our dating sites in Odisha and Odisha matrimony can be a beam of expectation.

Why Choose Us? At the point when you sign-up for our free matrimony sites in Kolkata you came across numerous marital profile coordinating your accomplice inclination models, the principal thing you do is to contact that individual. However, there are a couple of things you should remember before fixing your first gathering with that imminent accomplice. 1. Check the profile: When you get enthusiasm on your profile from an enrolled part, consistently check the profile. It is significant for your wellbeing and security. Before you acknowledge any solicitation, you should each time check the profile subtleties on Odisha matrimony. Check whether the subtleties referenced in the wedding profile are accurate or counterfeit. 2. Check the legitimacy: This is another enormous thing, which you should remember while tolerating any intrigued demand. Continuously check the legitimacy of the profile. Attempt to see if all the subtleties referenced on the profile like contact subtleties, address, changeless location, email id, and web-based life subtleties are valid and certified. For paid profiles at Bangalore matrimony has some confirmation device, if you have access to the same use it. 3. Check the validity of pictures: A marital profile at the marriage sites in India with an enormous number of photos accomplishes more enthusiasm when contrasted with one without photos. A few people transfer photos on Kannada matrimonial site with their family, companions, get-away, office, and others. Be that as it may, it is fundamental you check the genuineness of these photos. 4. Visit online networking profiles: The vast majority are dynamic on various web-based social networking sites. While checking any profile on free dating site Bangalore, visit the web-based life profiles of that individual. Remember to visit Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online life profiles. It will help in getting his/her exercises, intrigue, and sort of individual he/she is an individual level.

Our prime capacity - Marriage sites in India serve for one more reason. They resemble your nearby go-between, who brings an assortment of proposition for you. Indeed, they have significantly more since they cut across states. There are likewise divorce matrimonial sites to serve such explicit individuals. They concede individuals having a place with various states. Not just this, you can locate the most appropriate match since they have profiles ordered based on religion, standing, calling, conjugal status, and so on. You can likewise redo your inquiry dependent on interests. Try not to sit around trusting that the ideal one will come to you. Locate your ideal life accomplice all alone.

My name is Ritika (29) and I am married to Pullella (34). We got married about a year and a half back. We met through an online matrimony website a few years ago. We decided to meet one day after reciprocating each other’s interests and chatting for a few months on the marriage website we met.

Let me tell you that I am a Bengali and my Husband’s mother tongue is Malayalam. He only understands 3 phrases in Bengali viz. `Bhalo achi’ meaning `I am fine’, `Darun’ meaning `Amazing’ and `Ami Tomake Bhalobashi’ meaning `I love you’. But that is good enough to start a conversation or respond to most conversations. But also since both of us conversed in English it did not matter much anyway. Both of us were attracted to each other’s hobbies which were exactly the same that is reading books, lots and lots of books. Both of us completed our Post Grads in Arts and both of us were Teachers in Govt. schools.

After I got married and I shifted to his city I found a job there of teaching in a school again in a couple of months. It was not very tough. More importantly Pullella’s support and love were unconditional towards me. If you like someone and the connection of hearts is felt we should take the leap or we shall repent it forever.

It is not easy to live up to the expectations when you are one of the most popular and consistently delivering online matrimonial companies of India. Per say the Virat Kohli or Rohit Sharma kind. We have so far not only broken all barriers and lived up to expectations but also been very consistent in providing honest services to our clients or users. Each matrimony profile is important to us and we value each and every individual whatever may be the background they belong to.

The want and the necessities are different for people from different regions. The want is also different for different age groups. But we provide all kinds of profiles and support that people are looking for. Trust is always an important factor for any organization to thrive. Once you have built the trust and people believe in you, you can proudly say are on your way. Be it matrimony or any other field. Be it in India or anywhere else in the world. Establishing trust is never easy. You must be really worthy to gain the trust of the people especially to grow as one of the most trusted, reliable and effective matrimony sites of India in present day. The mantra is always to be simple and honest apart from being vigilant and law and policy abiding. You must always put on your guard in this ever changing world and people’s mental orientation. Trusting anything or anyone is not easy anymore. It will get tougher.

However we can proudly say that we have been very successful in building a place in the heart of the people of India and all over the world in a very short time. In less than 5 years we have been already counted as one of the most promising matrimonial website services that are available in India. We will continue to live up to that trustworthiness and reliability.

I am Mani a musician at a local club cum lounge with a live music platform by the lounge called Zincert. It has been active in our city for over 2 decades and I have been playing there from the very beginning and then I was a kid to be honest. I had just completed my Grads. The owner and I have been friends since and very close ones at that. I play the flute. Not to mention I have performed all over the world and been spotted and offered by many. But I have always stay put as here I have the sense of belonging.

Not to mention that I have had many relationships and so called lover affairs. I intended to marry a couple of them but they bailed out. I have been unmarried and lost the urge to marry since and suddenly I was 44. Recently, around 2.5 years ago, Ram my friend and the owner of Zincert almost forcefully created my profile in an Online Matrimony site. He himself downloaded the App. from Google Play store on my phone and uploaded my pic with a flute. I did not think this would be fruitful though but to my surprise I started getting some prospective calls within a week. I got the number of Radhika from that matrimony website. She is a classical singer (now 35). I approached her and the rest is history.

I still play at Zincert. Not to mention that now I also play and record songs and musical pieces with Radhika (now my wife). We have also recorded an album.

We have been made to believe that `Marriages are made in heaven’ but the fate of a marriage is also made in heaven. People of the modern world are under constant pressure to survive in this ever changing environment. The pressure of studies, finding a suitable job or starting a business and maintaining a life style is so immense in this immensely competitive world especially in the urban parts that often people tend to miss the simplicities of life. They even forget to smile on a regular basis. This is taking a toll on the health and well-being of the middle class and lower middle class people. Of course there are some lucky people who are born with the so called silver spoon in their mouth but they are rare.

Not only is the pressure of succeeding in life piling on but also to find the right partner and getting married. In our hurry we are often making a lot of mistakes in choosing the right partner for life. The reason for unhappy marriages is a result of poorly selected life partners. This is also leading to unhappy, dissatisfied and incomplete lives and in turn leading to innumerable suicides that are being reported every day.

Matrimonial alliances are important and even more important is choosing the right life partner or soul mate. It is not a simple job to select your partner for life. We know that in many cases love stories of over 10 years before getting married has come to an end abruptly just after the marriage and the couples have separated eventually. Also in some cases wisely judged and chosen life partners with full consent of elders of the families have fallen apart.

More and more people are turning to the matrimony sites for finding their life partners for marriage. Especially the career oriented people. There are innumerable matrimonial websites in India. Some are created and demised every week. The competition is very high. The stakes are high too. We are dealing with lives of the people. There are very few marriage sites or phone applications that provide a personalized touch to the service they provide. Some matrimonial websites do not even verify or do background checks of the profiles that are created on a daily basis which leads to anarchy in some cases.

Really Wanna Marry online matrimony not only provides the best matrimony profiles which are verified and checked before being activated but also renders the very best personalized services possible. The site is very economical as the registration is kept free for the users. The three packages offered are also very nominal and is kept optional, the minimum online payment being 640 INR only for now. We are one of the most popular online matrimony companies in India because we keep it simple and honest and try and provide the best matrimonial support services.

The best thing about being a Kolkatan is being a Kolkatan. I was in the US for 15 years. I went there never to come back. It was when my heart was broken in fact completely shattered by the love of my life or so it seemed then and I was only 22. My name is Jatin. Sangita and I studied in the same school and were inseparable. Even our parents were good friends. But then fate had something else in store.

When we completed college she suddenly started acting indifferently. She started avoiding me and even did not answer my calls when I called her landline number from ours, as we had landline phones only those days. Mobile phones were a distant future. One day I went to her house and asked the reason in front of her parents. Make no mistake, her parents did love me too. She told that I was not matured enough and that her marriage has been arranged already. She said she is sorry but what she thought was love was actually infatuation. So I did not say a word and went away from her life and promised myself I will never go back to her ever again, literally. I started preparing for exams to study abroad and within 1 year I was there. I got through. Since then I had never come back. My parents were divorced anyway. Probably that is why I was so dependent on Sangita. But fate again had its way and there was a twist in the tale. I met Paromita a Bengali girl on an Indian matrimony website. She is a single mother who lives in Kolkata.

Suddenly I am back again in Kolkata. My parents are older now. They are planning to move back together and bury the past. It seems I may have forgotten the city but the city did not forget me. Let us see what Kolkata has in store for me now.

As we are about to complete the first quarter of the 21st Century in a few years we are yet to get over the social stigma of religious barriers when it comes to matrimony. However we Indians have come a long way though for sure. Most of us now do not judge people by their religion instead by their character and attitude towards other people. Especially in the urban regions. Matrimony too should be based on these basic principles. Indian matrimony is one of the biggest service industries. There are big as well as small players. Online matrimony in India is a blooming business but there are too many competitors. The big business names provide a lot of variety yet people are more concerned about the quality and reliability of the profiles available.

There are community based matrimony, geography based matrimony, religion based matrimony depending on the people or market being targeted in India but the question is - are the profiles genuine? There are matrimony sites in India which are big names yet they consist of innumerable profiles which are not genuine. In some cases people are paid to create profiles with their genuine names and pictures. Others have copied profiles from other matrimonial websites in exchange of money or kind just to create more volumes to lure people in and make the moolah.

However we Reallywannamarry online matrimony have always begged to differ. We do not believe in volumes but instead in the genuineness and reliability of the profiles. That is why in less than 3 years we were so much popular as well as trusted. We do not believe in making money just for the sake of it. We believe in providing an honest service and good and genuine profiles for you. We have recently completed 5 years. We only try and provide genuine profiles because we verify our clients and do a diligent background check and remove all profiles that may seem not so genuine. We do not mind having lower quantity of profiles than some other bigger online matrimonial names or companies but we will not compromise on quality. That has been our mantra since inception.

I am Rishabh Mann. I got married around 4 and a half years back through and the help of a matrimony portal. It was a new one then but well organized online matrimonial site and Google Play Application.

However, the story is not about that but a feeling which I never had before that and possibilities are will never happen again. My wife Reema started crying at time of Vidaai. She is a very strong women and always has been but it seems a Vidaai is a Vidaai after all and the feeling that you are leaving your parents, siblings, family and all belongs that seemed to be yours to go live with a complete stranger specially if it is an arranged matrimonial alliance. So seeing her cry along with her family members I had tears in my eyes too. I could realize the pain they were going through. On that day I promised myself I will never let her cry. I won’t say that I have been 100% successful but for the last 4.5 years I have really tried to keep her from it as much as I can. And after our child was born 3 years back the happiness has only grown on us. Let me but tell you that my tears that day was not completely unseen as my sister Ribha did notice that and never stops making fun of me.

Anyway the question is whether we are sensitive enough to understand such feelings and extend our support to our loved ones. Are we?

The reason behind the success of Really Wanna Marry Online matrimony is its simplicity. We have never tried to complicate our online matrimony portal. We made it simple and very easy to easy and navigate as per choice. The process right from registration to updating of profiles or sending interest to other members or making online payment to contact prospective matches online is very simple and comprehendible.

We cater to everyone, be it never married profiles or divorcee profiles or even widowed profiles for matrimony. We have multiple websites and enormous number of genuine matrimony profiles which have been created from all parts of the world, especially India. Be it Bangalore matrimony or Tamil matrimony profiles or Bengali matrimony profiles or Marathi matrimony profiles based in Mumbai or Pune or anywhere in Maharashtra. We have a huge number of diverse and interesting profiles. We have profiles of all age groups. We have the capacity and endeavor to support our client base and strive hard for best service possible online. We follow the law very sternly too. We take Legal action against incorrect and misleading profiles wherever necessary. We will always be supportive of the Law and the Law Bodies. We abide by the Rules and Regulations laid down by the Indian Government in terms of Company’s acts and the matrimony service industry. We also percolate the same to our registered members at the time of their registration. We urge them to be law-biding as well.

We cater to all kind of religions – be it Hindu Matrimony, Sikh Matrimony, Muslim Matrimony or Christian Matrimony. We do not discriminate. We are a liberal online matrimony organization. We believe in a matrimonial service which is equal for and to all.

We have for the last 5 years since the creation of Really Wanna Marry Online Matrimony services been an online matrimony organization who have been willing to learn, worked on feedbacks which were viable and tried to provide excellent technical and administrative solutions to the best of our ability. We will always work in that direction and try to be the most efficient and simple and easy and best to use online matrimony in India.

Last winter just before the Corona cult began we got married in our own extravagant cultural way. I am Nivedita, 29 a journalist by profession. I met my husband Ranit, 33 also a journalist. We met on a renowned matrimony website. Trust me before we met I was the most critical person against online matrimony and the whole matrimony business at large. I hated and mistrusted this whole idea of online marriage portals and digital life partner search.

But trust me now, when I say that some matrimony websites are trustworthy and reliable. They contain the genuine and verified profiles for marriage. Obviously it may or may not turn out to be fruitful for everyone. But at least we get the list of profiles to choose from which are for real. For me it worked out just fine. Both I and my husband are in the same profession so we understand each other’s job requirements as well as space very well. I am pretty lucky I guess to have someone like Ranit in my love and thankful to god because I love my job as much and want to continue as long as I can. And guess what Ranit has no qualms about it.

Hence I would suggest everyone to use the online matrimony platform but only if you need and use your judgement and also trial and error method to zero down on the person of your life, your life partner or soul mate.

India is diverse in the number of religious beliefs. Similarly the matrimonial rituals in India are also varied. Different religions follow different marriage routes. The matrimonial alliances of Muslims are different from the Hindus. Those of Sikhs are different from the Christians. The attires they wear for matrimony or wedding attires/dresses are also completely different. However the processes that lead to matrimony are exactly the same be it two people falling in love and leading to marriage or arranged marriage. The marriage vows to stay together for eternity after getting married is also similar.

I have been lucky to have witnessed the marriage rituals performed in Nagaland. The process of rituals performed is interesting and intriguing but at the same time also unique. There are 2 types of marriages in Nagaland – one ceremonial and the other non-ceremonial. The ceremonial ritual consists of a marriage broker, taking of omens and negotiation of marriage price. The non-ceremonial ritual however is completely unique as it involves the woman to be taken to the man’s house where they are forbidden or not let out for a day completely. However the process of courtship before the wedding still remains the same. Polygamy is not allowed but divorce is allowed and the bride is entitled to get one third of the couple’s joint property. However matrimony after divorce or becoming widowed is again allowed which is again similar in Nagaland matrimony practice as in other parts/religions of India. Women do have a choice to select their mate of their choice in Nagaland too.

Really Wanna Marry matrimony is growing immensely popular in Nagaland for the choices we provide as well as for our open-minded outlook. Not only in Nagaland but also we are blooming in all the seven northeastern states of India. Indian matrimony is becoming popular by the day and so is We are not only growing in cities like Bangalore, Kolkata, Mumbai or Chennai but also in the states like Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram or Tripura. Not to mention Assam and Meghalaya. We are providing online matrimony support and security of very high standards which very few matrimony companies in India can only think of. Hence we are getting more and more diverse too in our approach. We are striving hard to provide you your match or the soul-mate you were looking for. Wishing all a Very Happy Life Partner searching quest and all the best for your future!

We, are one of the best marriage sites in India in terms of matromnial service and options we provide. We have helped lakhs of individuals locate their ideal life accomplice. Gone are those occasions when guardians used to jump-start with one family unit then onto the next to search for refined girl parents in law, and moms used to set up a variety of dishes when potential parents in law used to show up to see their dear little girls.

We dwell on a planet where cliché jobs have changed. The same is applied to the trends when it comes to marriage. Now the matrimonial sites and dating sites have covered the scenario completely. We at really wanna marry is indulged starting from Marathi matrimony sites to the West Bengal matrimony and the Kannada matrimony site.

We know picking a real existence accomplice is a major and significant choice, and thus progress in the direction of giving a straightforward and secure matchmaking experience for you and your family. Each profile enrolled with us experiences a manual screening process before going life nearby; we give better security controls than Free and check contact data of individuals.

In the present current occasions, individuals have begun to discover the affection for their lives all alone. Be that as it may, the falling paces of adoration relationships have caused individuals to understand that it probably won't be the best method to guarantee an effective wedded life. Thusly, they have begun searching for an attainable other option and picked really wanna marry as the best matrimony site in India to satisfy their requirements.

Online Matrimonial Services can bring to you the best decision, as you expect it to be. Being one of the best matrimonial sites in India, we jog down all the requirements from you and run down a hunt with those points of interest. You can likewise discover matches utilizing subclasses like religion, station, pay bundle, calling, and so forth. You simply need to refer to the necessary models and all the accessible profiles will be there for you inside no time.

Significant advantages of choosing really wanna marry as your online matrimonial service provider is that matches can happen over quickly. On the off chance that you need to get hitched right away or in a couple of months then we are one of the best choices for you as marriage sites in India. Here on the off chance that one shows enthusiasm for a profile, one can have a moment reaction to it. We are also known well as the best matrimonial site in Kolkata and because of our free dating site in Bangalore, we have been an optimum choice of our customers or clients.

Our online matrimonial services likewise incorporate the choice of a live video visit. With an office like a live video visit, you can become acquainted with the other individual in a superior way, without experiencing to go to the difficulty of really meeting him/her.

When I, Pratik, lost my wife Suchanda, 43, I was 49 and we were married for 24 years. She died of terminal cancer. I did not think I will be able to cope with my life anymore. The world was coming to an end for me. I was devastated. I even went for a world tour with my son and daughter who were well established now. But that did not ebb away the discontentment.

My son one day created a profile for me in a relatively new but pretty reliable online matrimony portal. It has a different aspect to it. Initially I was obviously apprehensive. But I started following the website and its prospective widowed profiles and found one Liza. She is faculty in city school. She teaches physics. She is 10 years younger to me. She lost her husband in a city bus accident recently.

We started off from there. Got acquainted. Started meeting each other regularly. Until one day we decided to marry and patronize each other’s family. I now feel I have got a second chance in life which people rarely get.

My name is Rohan 44. I belong to one of the Richest business families in Maharastra. My family have a well-established import and export business of Food items and wine. I completed my studies in UK. I was living in Spain for long time where I looked after our overseas business and branches before I decided to marry an Indian girl.

So I came back to India at the age of 38 and started searching for my life partner. My mom who is one of the most tech savvy women of her generation opened my account in an online portal. I did not like the idea but when mom insisted me to meet one girl from the matrimony site I was astounded to discover that she belonged to the rich Gupta family who were one of our family friends and even a larger business family.

She was smart and independent. She had her own production house which she established on her own. Anyway after being married to her for the last 5 years I can finally say that matrimony websites are cooler than we think.

Ravi my son has just come back from the US for a fortnight. He is working there for 5 years now. He is just 28. Reena my best friend’s daughter on the other hand just passed her grads. They both have known each other since childhood and are very good friends. They trust each other and always fall back on each other in times of despair.

Ravi had a break up recently with his girlfriend. That was last year and he seems to have given up on love. Hence I needed him to tie the knot now. Reena’s fiancé on the other hand married someone else few months back hence she was depressed too. But I have always noticed that whenever these two kids are with each other they are happy. Hence when Jagan said that he has created a profile for Reena in a renowned and distinguished online matrimony website few months back I immediately proposed about my son Ravi’s marriage with Reena. To my surprise Jagan said he wanted to propose the same. When we broke the news with Ravi and Reena they looked at each other blushed but tried to laugh it out. But I knew they both were happy with the decision.

It the responsibility of the parents to figure out and show our kids the right direction. We might not always be successful in showing them the right direction in their pursuit of happiness. But we must always try our best. It is their life after all.

Even before you embark on the mission of marriage you should believe in it. You should believe that you shall have a long and successful marriage and you will give it your best to keep it that way. To make the journey successful you must first believe you can. But it is always is a both way phenomenon. It cannot be a one-sided process.

Maybe that is where I lacked in my previous attempt. I was married at 25 just after college and a new job. I was married for close to 10 years. My name is Shahina. Nevertheless it was not a very fruitful process. I have a daughter who is 6 and studies in a reputed school. I am staying with my parents. I belong to a very well to do family. My ex-husband Sunil is also a very successful businessman now. When we married he was doing mediocre. But have to say he was loyal and he tried his bit in the marriage. It was I who was reluctant of full commitment and I have no inhibitions to admit that now. Maybe it was because of the upbringing I had from my parents. I was carefree or to be precise I was careless. Even after my child’s birth. Then I took up a job abroad, a very lucrative one at that. Since I was in the Tourism and Travels industry I had almost been to every country in the world. But this job offer was in my dream place Greece. I left my daughter, Lipi, with my husband when she was only 1.5 years old. The assignment was for 3 years to take charge of the company’s business expansion in Europe, especially Greece. I would love to believe that I got this job on my own but the truth was that there was a recommendation from my dad’s maternal brother, which I came to know later.

Now coming back to the job assignment, my husband was not happy for obvious reasons and he did not want me to go at this point. But I did anyway to chase my dreams. But when I came back, the marriage was already over. I did not realize then what a mistake I made. I learned it the hard way.

My suggestion to all from my personal experience would be to not go for the kill if you are not ready for it. Because there will always be a situation where you have to make a choice. You should not repent it later. So if your career is your top priority, do not get married yet. Affairs are still fine but not too serious kinds. I now miss my married life and specially my daughter who lives with Sunil after the legal battle verdict. I have registered in a popular matrimony website recently. I think online matrimony is my solution. It is not that I have not got marriage offers from other men, specially divorced men owing to my family background. But this time I will choose for myself. And this time I am ready.

We Really Wanna Marry the coolest online matrimonial service in India have proudly completed 5 years in the Indian online matrimony backdrop. We have grown over the years not only as a company but also as a marriage institution, a platform, a forum and as a stage for Indian matrimony and for the people based in India and abroad seeking for Indian life partners. The search for finding your soul mate has become so much easier. We have become experienced and a pro now. We have evolved and still changing in the positive direction. More importantly we are original. We do not emulate others. We have made it so much simple and easy for our customers seeking their matrimonial partner.

We know we are not as big or renowned as some other Indian matrimonial websites and big business houses. But we are honest and true in our approach and services. We try and provide the best possible support not only technically but also service wise. We have a very simple, secure and easy to access genuine and verified profiles approach. Registration is free and customers can use their profiles for unlimited time. People can view profile details, send and receive interests from other profiles for free too. To contact or chat with 5, 10 or 20 individual for wedding purpose or matrimony there are 3 minimum payment options online.

Profile search is easy by putting in the particulars you are looking for or interested in. You can also setup your profile preference easily to filter the profiles you want to see as per your choices. For example in the `My Preference ‘ section you can select Marital status section category as `Widowed or Divorced ‘ to look for widow matrimonial or divorced matrimony profiles of India, You may also choose to keep them blank if you want a wider variety of profiles search in India or abroad. Our NRI matrimony or Government service individual profiles are numerous. We also have a huge doctor matrimonial profiles base be it Homeopathy or Allopathy. We also have dentist matrimony profiles if you are interested in them. Business family profiles, small, medium or big business houses, looking for Brides or Bridegrooms are humongous.

So get your act together and go for it. If you think you are now ready for matrimonial alliance that is your reckoning and we are here to support you for a better future.

I am an actor or I was. I have worked for over 11 years with a theatre group in Pune. I have dreamt of becoming a movie star someday. They said I was a pretty good actor but alas. I was raised by my mother after my father died in a car crash when I was just 11. But my mother raised me really well and on her own. She started her own tailoring and home food delivery business after my father’s death and worked really hard to raise me well.

She always encouraged me when I started my acting career. She was my support when I decided to chase my dream. But I never knew that it would be such a struggling one. I gave over five hundred auditions with big and small production houses. Sometimes even I got selected but finally rejected as there was a reference almost always for some actors. I also won a prestigious reality show and got a couple of Ad shoots but never got the chance to act in a serial they promised me I will.

I did not belong to any acting family but I never saw that as a disadvantage. But after so many years of working in the theatre group and giving my best, performance after performance, I realized I must quit now. I now look after my mother’s business as she has grown older and weaker. I registered with an Indian online matrimony website when I realized that my mother and I both need someone’s support and I need to settle down in life. We have got a few good matrimony prospects. I know I have to live with my failure but I am not unhappy as I have tried my best and almost successfully chased my dream of being an actor.

When I joined my dream company back in 2014 little did I know what was in store for me. I was too excited to understand or gauge the near future. By the way my name is Ratan. I belong to a pretty modest family background. My father somehow raised me to be self-dependent.

So my training started right on schedule and I did really well and completed my assessment with flying colors. I started with a blast. Though it was a pilot process I became a pro and people were looking upto me for every expertise I had to offer and help with. But then along came a love. I fell for one Reena who was also working in our project. She belonged to very rich business family and she joined the job just to prove a point. Didn't really need it. She fell for me too or so it seemed then. Our love grew over a year. I stopped caring about my career and specially lost my focus. I could understand I was going down but I was helplessly in love. Then it happened. She left me because her father will not approve of me. Though I never met him. She left the job soon after. I was completely broken. I left my dream company and joined new one. I created one profile in a new but well rated online matrimony website as my mother insisted.

I met Shalini through the matrimony portal in 2017. She is my wife now. She is also working in an MNC. She also belongs to a rich business family. But the only difference is that she really loves me a lot as I do too.

My name is Arnold Venkatesh. I am a Lecturer by profession. I have a pretty successful career in teaching and I love teaching to be frank, the reason behind my success. I got my job as a Junior Lecturer when I just completed my studies and I was very young.

I was in a relationship with a girl who was my classmate for a long time. I proposed her when we were in class 8 but I did not really understand the meaning of love then. But later we both did. Trust me I was totally decimated when she got married to someone else selected by her parents but I was only a student then and I never belonged to a well to do family so had to accept the fate. So I decided to channelize all my strength towards my career. I focused on anything but studies. But after I joined my second job as Assistant Lecturer I realized that my parents have got quite old (my father had to go through a heart surgery) and they need someone to look after them.

So I created my profile in a promising Online Matrimony Google Play Store Application. I was looking for a simple girl who belonged to middle class family and who can take care of my aging parents. I got my wife’s contact from there. We met one day and immediately I realized this is the girl I was looking for. We tied the knot soon after.

When I met Sravana the first time at a coffee shop I did not know where this was going. By the way I am Rahul. I got her number through a new Online Matrimony website. Well actually she first sent me an interest. And knowing she was only 21 about 11 years younger to me I was really hesitant reciprocating her back. But eventually I did.

By the way I am a banker in a well-known Indian bank. She is a student completing her B.Tech. from a reputed college. Her father is banker too but holds a terrific designation.

Now, coming back to my story I liked her profile the very first time I checked it and her in person when we met at the shop for the first time and I am told now the feeling was vice-versa. We first exchanged a few chats then planned on meeting up. I will be honest I was a bit embarrassed when I saw her first time though I did like her as she seemed much younger to me. I was conscious. But to my surprise she was more matured to her years and came across as if she did not find the age difference of concern at all which actually calmed my nerves a bit.

Now after courtship of one year we are actually tying the knot. I still cannot believe it because life has been very tough for me until this. We shall be thankful to the online matrimonial site which enabled this and for their support in helping us meet.

We do not claim to be World’s No.1 Matrimony service or website as many other outfits do. We never did. Let us be honest that No.1 is just a myth in the service industry. A well renowned matrimony site might have crores of profiles but if they are mostly fake or not reliable does not serve the purpose. But we thrive to be a True and Honest Online Matrimonial Organization.

When we started an online matrimony portal around 5 years ago we vouched for it to be different in the positive way. We made up our minds to allow only reliable and trustworthy profiles on our matrimonial sites and Google Play Protected Store Application even at the cost of a huge numbers of profiles. We made a plan to remove the Registration fees and so there is no time limit to use our platform for the purpose of matrimony services. It can be used for as long as you want provided you meet the criteria and follow and meet the terms and conditions. We have made our Privacy Policy and Internet Security, which is our Prime Aspect, very stringent and Law Binding keeping in mind the Cyber laws on security of our client profiles and information. Only a verified client/customer profiles on our site can see other client’s general information but sans the contact details. To see the contact details of any other customer’s profile or to be able to chat with another customer the client/customer has to make the specified payments on Get Contact Details section. In which case we also have their payment details and can trace back to the customer if required in case of emergency along with their verified Phone numbers in requirement of any legal action to be taken against the client who created the profile. And trust us we will always follow the law and government regulations. We are a whitelisted Indian matrimony company with TRAI registration with SMS services for registration of our clients.

Reallywannamarry which is Trademark oriented with Indian Government specified regulations has many related websites and a Play Protected Google Play Store Application which are all functional and secured and all are affiliated to GAMT Technology and Services LLP which is an GST Certified/Tax Verified MSME Registered Company with the Government of India and has a valid registration with UIDAI in terms of PAN and Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum.

We might not be the No.1 Matrimony site in India but beware we are fast diminishing the gap. However, we definitely are the Coolest Online Matrimony available in India be it for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada speaking people in the south or Marathi Matrimony/Gujarati Matrimony/Marwari Matrimony in the West or Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bhojpuri Speaking people of the North or Central India or Assamese/Bengali/Oriya or Northeastern language speaking people of the East and we can safely say that.

After spending 11 long years in South Africa I came back to India. I am Punit Mathur I am an Entrepreneur. Not to mention I am officially a citizen of South Africa too now. But something was calling me back to India. By the way I had come back to India about 6 years ago once and sold all my properties here after I lost my parents in a car accident. I have no close relatives in India. But I guess this was my reckoning. I have come to back settle down here permanently. To be honest marriage was in my mind.

While in South Africa I got to know about an Online Matrimony Website. I found it cool. It dealt mainly with NRI matrimony in India. I registered myself and found my soul mate soon. I got acquainted to a Sita Bakshi. She is from Hrishikesh an engineer. To my surprise she has been in South Africa too and worked there for a few years. After we got acquainted she came down to South Africa once to meet me. We really loved each other’s company. We decided to be with each other for life hence decided to tie the knot. May be this is how love happens.

Unlike me she has her parents. I did meet them and we have their approval for marriage. I may have been away from India and at one point I decided never to come back. But fate cannot be diverted.

Love or arranged we all do yearn for marriage at some point in life. Trust me the more we are desperate to find love the less likely that we are gonna find it. Same is for marriage. Especially for people who search for life partners for the second time in life. Life is much easier when you are not trying too hard and you accept it the way it is. Second Innings in life can be easier once you have found your loved one and the one you are looking for or so called soul mate. The reason is that you now know the Dos and Don’ts of a relation or married life.

But in actual human nature we always crave for things we don’t possess. Pointless to argue because we are not saints. At least not most of us. In fact these days saints are greedier as we speak and live in this dark world. I think Online Matrimony is gonna play a vital role in the years to come. Especially for those people who are divorced or widowed. That is where we come in. Our impeccable business acumen meant for Great Customer Service and Experience. Our Reliability and Trustworthiness over the years has made a place in the heart of people all over India and fast growing in the other countries even though we are still new as we close our 5th Anniversary when we started this matrimony website with a belief and confidence to serve the people of India at large who are looking to get married and searching for their life partners or soul mates. We are the Coolest Online Matrimony that serves India. We have a huge client base and we are fast emerging to be the leader of this industry. We are the future of Online Matrimony Business. We have a Simple and Easy to use software which people can relate to and that meets their need end to end. Our Approach and Outlook are very Robust as well as are stringent in terms of Security. We do not tolerate incorrect and indecent people and take strong action against them. So beware people. We are here to stay.

We not only serve Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan in the west but also West Bengal Odisha and Assam in the East. We have our imminence in the North be it Haryana, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh and we are also thumping ahead in the South in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Andhra. People love us in Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Tripura, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Arunachal, Bihar, Chattisgarh and rest of India. We have a global presence.

We have pledged to make matrimony easier affordable and within the reach of common people. We will stand by your side not only before but also after marriage. “Because Matrimony is not the end.” It is only the beginning.

When I chose my profession of wildlife photography I knew I was making the right decision. I was after my dream and I was happy. Little did I know about my future and what to expect. I did not care anyway I was too happy to follow my dreams. My name is Sunit by the way and I am 29. After 6 years of pursuing my dream through the jungles of Africa, South America and South Asia I am rich. Not in terms of money but spiritually. My Knowledge, Horizon and Outlook are enriched. I now respect earth, life and nature like never before. And when we are at peace with life and our dreams money will follow anyway. I do not think there can be any exceptions. I even understand Darwin’s theory now.

But in all this I forgot about my personal life a bit. Because the wildlife photography was the only personal life I had. I now feel I need someone to share my dreams and spoils with. There have been couple of flings but they were without strings. I have now registered with an Indian matrimony website being an Indian by origin. It seemed to be cool one and I have heard a lot about its good and reliable profile base for marriage which I was looking for.

I do not have time for short affairs anymore. I want to settle down now. I want someone adventurous too, especially someone connected to wildlife somehow. Especially before my big assignment coming up next year into the Amazon.

Now after courtship of one year we are actually tying the knot. I still cannot believe it because life has been very tough for me until this. We shall be thankful to the online matrimonial site which enabled this and for their support in helping us meet.

When I met Sravana first time at a coffee shop I did not know where this was going. By the way, I am Rahul. I got her number through a new Online Matrimony website. Well actually she first sent me an interest. And knowing she was only 21 about 11 years younger to me I was really hesitant reciprocating her back. But eventually I did.

By the way I am a banker in a well-known Indian bank. She is a student completing her B.Tech. from a reputed college. Her father is banker too but holds a terrific designation.

Now, coming back to my story I liked her profile the very first time I checked it and her in person when we met at the shop for the first time and I am told now the feeling was vice-versa. We first exchanged a few chats then planned on meeting up. I will be honest I was a bit embarrassed when I saw her first time though I did like her as she seemed much younger to me. I was conscious. But to my surprise she was more matured to her years and came across as if she did not find the age difference of concern at all. Which actually calmed my nerves a bit.



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